28 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Month

March 6th, 2023

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Do you want to have more money in your life or just want to stop being poor?

Saving money takes a lot of discipline and determination, especially if you’re looking to save a substantial amount.

Sometimes it’s not as easy as cutting back on a few monthly expenses as it makes little impact on your finances.

I was tired of being broke all the time! In my 20’s I was able to save $500 every single month on a low income of $25,000 a year.

Thanks to the below money saving tips, I purchased my very first property 3 years ago.  

It becomes easier to save when you focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. If you can’t envision saving a specific amount, start small, even if it’s just a few dollars. The point here is to start building the habit.

It doesn’t matter if you savings goals are big or small, all that matters is that you have a goal to start with.

You should start saving small amounts and slowly build it up until you reach the goal. 

Don’t give up!

If you want to stop being poor, you should give all of these money saving methods a try today!

These can help you save a significant amount of income whilst at the same time allowing you to enjoy your life!

Want to know which tricks I used to stop being poor and save money on an extremely low income, read on >>

How to Stop Being Poor and Save More!

1. Get a Piggy bank

ways to save money save more money and just stop being poor

As old fashioned as it may seem, collecting up all the extra change you have and storing it in a piggy bank, adds up to big money in the long run. 

Adapt this old fashioned habit to modern times

Round down you monthly salary each month and start saving the rest.

For example, if you get paid $1824 each month, round it down to $1800 and save $24 (spare change).

Do this as soon as you get paid and on top of your normal savings amount.

Before you know you would’ve saved £1000.

2. Use Cash Envelopes

The Cash envelope system has been around for a while.

Many people have used this simple technique to stop being poor and save money every single month.

The whole idea is that you are far more restrained in your spending when you pull money (not plastic) out of your wallet.

Every month on payday you would put a certain amount in an envelope for things such as:

  • Groceries
  • Eating out
  • Gas

During that month you are only allowed to spend what is in that envelope.

No exceptions, No credit cards.

You would leave the money in your account for fixed expenses; bills, mortgage etc. 

Use a budget spreadsheet or planner to write down your fixed expenses and then dish out the rest.

You’ll be surprised how well you stick to this system.

3. Take cash instead

save more money and just stop being poor

You have less of an emotional connection to swiping your credit card in the store than you do handing over cash.

By using cash when you shop, you are naturally more mindful of how much you are spending. 

For days out, when you don’t need it, leave your credit card at home and really on the cash in your wallet. Eliminate the temptation to swipe.

4. Use Money Saving Apps

What if I told you, you could stop being poor by spending more money?

Nowadays there are an endless list of apps designed to help you save and manage your money. The below apps give you give you money back on all of your purchases. 

Rakuten in particular will help you save money on purchases from over 2500 stores. It works by paying you cash back every single time you shop.

The retailers pay Rakuten to advertise their links, and Rakuten share a portion of the commission with you.

Plus you get a whopping $10 bonus when you sign up through this link..

rakuten get paid to shop save money stop being poor The #1 Cashback App (1)

Here are some other great money apps you can try out:

They are all super simple to use and could save you a lot of money each month.

What are you waiting for?

Stop being poor, use these money saving apps today and get paid while you do it..

5. Get a Side Hustle

stop being poor get a side hustle save more money and just stop being poor

I preach daily about generating multiple income streams and creating a side hustles is a great way to do this.

You could generate a regular part time income each month from a side hustle and minimal effort.

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and want to stop being poor, start generating another stream of income now.

Completing surveys with Vindale Research could make you $500+ each month and starting a blog could generate well into the thousands with part time input.

There are so many posts on my blog with ways to make money working from home, some quick and some that pay over $10,000 every month. Check some of them out here:

10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online for FREE

16 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online While Your at Home

25 Most Creative Ways to Make Money From Home

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6. Download Mint

use mint save more money and just stop being poor

Mint is a budget tracker and planner app that helps you to successfully manage your accounts, bills and more.

Tracking your incomings and outgoings is key to budgeting because knowing where you are spending too much can allow you to save more.

Mint allow you manage your finances from one dashboard – displaying all of your bank accounts and bills in one place.

Great huh?

7. Free Gift Cards

Earn free gift cards and even cash on sites such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie by completing surveys. These are market research sites that reward you for your opinion.

swagbucks save more money and just stop being poor

You will need to sign up to these sites and usually have to answer a few questions before you qualify to earn money.

8. Meal prep

meal prep save money save more money and just stop being poor

Dedicating one day a week for meal prepping can literally save you thousands each year.

Go grocery shopping and prep the weeks meal all on the same day.

This will save you time and the effort of cooking every night and save money when it comes to lunches. It also means you have less food waste!

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be complicated. I sometimes cook and freeze meals I know will not last the full 7 days.

Start my free trial

9. Get A Water Bottle

According to almost every health professional out there, we shall all be drinking at least 8 cups of water a day.

Drinking 2 litres of water every day could seriously damage your wallet, especially if you are buying them one bottle at a time.

Invest in a good high capacity water bottle and save the planet while your at it.

10. Use Honey

Honey is a google chrome extension that scans the websites you visit to see if there is an available coupon code.

It’s a revamp to your Gran’s old trick of  cutting coupons.

use honey save more money and just stop being poor

11. Take a shopping list

Impulse buys completely blow your spending budget! Seeing and buying products you know you don’t need.

Spend the time before shopping making a grocery list. It will make sure you do not drift away from the items you are going there to get.

It also saves a lot of time in the shops (where all the temptation is) because you have planned everything in advance.

12. Use a Budget Planner

If you want to start saving real money, the best thing for you to do is regularly use a budget planner.

It is the only way to make sure you’re aware of your incomings and expenses.

Monthly Budget image save money every month save more money and just stop being poor

Budgeting doesn’t mean living on nothing, it just gives you more clarity towards your financial situation.

Take control of your finances and download my FREE budget planner below:

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13. Have a ‘no spend’ Weekend

Plan a weekend every month where you spend no money whatsoever! this is great because it teaches you to think outside of the box and save money at the same time.

Create a list in advance of activities you can do that doesn’t involve spending any cash.

If you are really good at sticking to this, try extending that weekend to a full week! You’ll be surprised how much you can do for free around town.

14. Transfer your Balance

save more money and just stop being poor

If you have a balance on your credit card and are paying huge amounts of interest each month, look around for balance transfer deals.

You could switch to another credit card offering a 0% deal for all balance transfers for a period of time (usually 12-24 months).

It will also allow you to save the money you would have been spending and put that towards your saving fund.

Use a site like Credit Karma to compare offers.

15. Eat less meat

Buying meat every week while grocery shopping can honestly drive up your weekly spending by 40%.

Try cutting out meat for a few meals a week, buying frozen, or searching around the aisles for discount meat to save money every week.

16. Take care

don't get sick - save money and stop being poor

Even taking good care of yourself could save you coin. Think about how much money you spend on ourselves when we are ill. Cough medicine, pain killers, stomach settlers. It really does all add up.

By getting all of the necessary nutrients every day, you keep your immune system high and your purse full.

17. Use before you buy

Before you buy another face cream or make up cleanser, make sure you look through your products and use what you already have.

It can be tempting to buy a new foundation or latest skincare product, but if you are able to use up the ones you have or DIY, you could save you an unnecessary expense.

18. Save on Utility Bills

save money on your utility bills - stop being poor

You could save money each month by switching up up your energy provider.

Chances are you purchased your gas and electric on a special deal, however when that deal runs out you’re likely to be paying full price again.

Set a reminder in your phone 1 or 2 months before you contract is about to end and then shop around to see if you could save.

19. Face Debt head on and consolidate

Facing huge sums of debt can be scary and you often want to bury your head in the ground and forget it exists.

The truth is..

It’s not going to go away, in fact, the reality it it’ll probably get worse if you leave it any longer.

The amazing news is, there is so much help out there!

Debt consolidation allows you to consolidate all existing debt from lenders into one big loan, at a much lower interest rate.

Instead of having 3 or 4 different loans and credit cards, you could use a legitimate debt consolidation company to combine all of them together.

The main advantage is obvious.

You only have one payment each month to worry about! This loan is often paid off based on payment periods of 12-48 months.

Top Tip: Make sure credit isn’t shockingly bad as this will almost definitely affect your loan acceptance

20. Stay hands off with Trim

Trim is a Robo-Assistant that saves you money every month by seeing if you can save month on your recurring subscriptions.

They have software that will detect every bill you have and figure out how you can save more money. 

use trim to save money and lower your bills - stop being poor

The great thing about this service is that they can also cancel the subscriptions you want them to with the click of a button and for free!

Check them out.

21. Switch to Sim only

If you are on a budget you should not, I repeat, should not be buying the latest phone every time you contract is up.

Save some money on that hefty monthly contract and get a sim only plan.

Doing this could save you at least $30 a month.

So many of us are spending thousands every year on pricey mobile contract, so by ditching those and switching to SIM only you could actually save quite a bit.

22. Compare before you buy

how to stop being poor and save more money

Make sure you shop around before you buy anything especially the bigger purchases.

If there is something you regularly buy, do a quick internet search to see where you get it for the best price.

Sites such as Google Shopping and Price Grabber scan the internet and give you the prices & links to compare purchases.

23. Ditch the subscriptions

Those inexpensive subscription services you are signed up to every month eventually add up to big money. Especially if you aren’t using them at all.

Ditch them now and put that extra $5-25 in an emergency savings fund.

24. Save $’s when you Dine out

When you’re saving cash, you don’t have to become a hermit and never go out. On the odd occasion you do go out there are many ways to save money.

Before you go for dinner out, make sure you check out savings on all the deal sites first. Sites such as Groupon, Living Social and Open Table often give you up to 50% off normal priced meals.

If you just do the research and plan where you are going to go beforehand, you could save a lot of money on meals out.

have to save money every month and stop being poor

Top tip: Take advantage of weekly deals. Date night doesn’t always have to be Fri-Sun. Many restaurants have offers during the week.

Even better if you’re able to go before 6pm as some even offer lunch specials.

25. Money saving challenge

Challenge yourself to a 90 day money saving challenge. Set a weekly/monthly goal of how much you’d like to save and use the tips mentioned in this post to work towards you goal.

Start with a small weekly/monthly amount and assuming that’s manageable, slowly increase the amount.

26. DIY household products

save money and stop being poor by making your own household products

Household products can cost a lot and you will definitely save money each month by reusing the containers and making your own.

Make you own cleaning spray by mixing 1 cup filtered water with 1 cup white distilled vinegar and adding approx. 10 drops of essential oil for a great smell.

27. Thrift shop online

You want to save money on clothes but sometimes trifling through crammed thrift stores is not what you want to be doing.

If you a treating yourself to a new wardrobe, why not try out a site like Poshmark.

It is an online marketplace app that makes it very easy to sell used clothing and accessories online.

The great thing about this site is that you have a 7 day free return option if the item isn’t as described.

28. Bulk Buy

Look out for deals each month and stock up on the items that you use regularly. In terms of groceries, anything with a sustainable shelf life is a great thing to bulk buy.

Top tips for Bulk buying:

  • Pay special attention to the price per unit by comparing it to what you would spend if you buy the item one at a time.
  • Do not buy items for the sake of it or buy more than you need, make sure they are products you use daily.
  • Use the coupons even more with bulk buying as this could save you even more.
  • Search around for the best deals first

How to stop being poor – wrapping up..

Saving money or even starting a side hustle can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re currently in debt or have a family to care for.

However, if you try at least one of these money saving tips I am sure you’ll be able to boost your income or reduce your spend each month. 

Learn to how to really maximize your savings and stop being poor forever!

Give them a try and let me know how you get on..

Good Luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!


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