How to Create an Epic 2024 Vision Board: Ultimate Guide

March 11th, 2024

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The fact that you’re searching how to create a 2024 vision board, you’re on the brink of something amazing – making 2024 your standout year.

Creating a 2024 vision board could guarantee a year filled with achievement, growth, and happiness. Think of a vision board as your personal roadmap or, better yet, your treasure map to creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Creating a vision board that actually comes to life isn’t about collating a bunch of pretty images on your wall and hoping for the best.

When you have those images of the things you desire the most in front of you everyday, you’ll be reminded to keep your eyes on the prize, stay focused and actually achieve the things you want.

Your mission is to create a 2024 Vision Board to help you visualize your dream future.

Have no idea where to start? Uh, that’s why I’m here…

I’m gonna help you create a vision board that not only captures your dreams but also inspires you to act of those dreams every single day…

How a 2024 Vision Board Can Make Your Dreams a Reality

Vision boards can be magic, if you do it right…

So what are they exactly and how can you use them to create your dream life?

Seeing is believing…

Imagine your surrounded by a blank canvas, an empty white space  waiting to be filled.

Then, one by one, the perfect car, home you’ve dreamed living in and exciting trips you want to go on all pop up in this white space. 

That’s it! The beginning of your new 2024 vision board…..

Your new visualization tool used to bring those dreams you have to life….literally. The ultimate Pinterest board!

A daily reminder and representation of everything you want to accomplish this year, helping you to focus your attention on what you actually want to achieve. It doesn’t matter which area of life you want to work on; personal growth, money, career, health, or your relationships, a vision board puts your dream life right there in front of you, making it more likely to happen.

If you’re doing this right, your vision board should inspire positive aligned action in line with everything you want.

So how do you know which method is for you?

Digital vs. Physical Vision Boards for 2024: Which is Right for You?

I hope you’re ready to whip out your scissors, favourite magazines, and spray glue. Just kidding…

We moved way past that DIY era, although still a completely viable option, there’s so much more to vision boarding these days.

You have the option to go down the more traditional route with a physical vision board or use your phone and/or laptop to visualize.

Looking at the pros and cons of each can help you decide which option most aligns with your lifestyle and goals. 

Digital Vision Boards

What Are They?
Digital vision boards are virtual collages created using software or apps, designed to represent your goals and aspirations through images, texts, and sometimes, multimedia elements. They are stored and viewed on electronic devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Examples of Digital Vision Boards could be:

– A Canva designed vision board compiled with your inspirational images, quotes, and personal affirmations. 
– An ultra aesthetic Pinterest board with saves related to specific goals, such as travel destinations, dream car, house upgrades, or career/business goals.
– A Digital Planner PDF or app you use to store your images, text or inspiration making it super easy to customise.

– So much choice! Digital vision boards can be in the form of a planner, note page, Pinterest Board, Website. Choose what works for you.
– You can virtually find any image or text you want to on the internet.
– It’s so easy to use. You can copy and paste, change or delete images/text at any time
– Access to it anytime you want to get a glimpse of your goals

– You don’t have a tangible board to look at every time walk past it.
– Your phone/laptop come with distractions and it’s easy to lose focus
– You’re relying solely on technology

Physical Vision Boards

What Are They?
No school like the old school, physical vision boards are displays created by collating images, cut-outs, drawings etc onto a poster board, pegboard, or canvas. 

Examples of Physical Vision Boards could be:

– A pegboard style vision board hung up in your office, with images you’ve printed out or cut out of magazines
– a paper planner page dedicated to your own representations of desires, aspirations and goals

– You have something physical to walk past and remind you every day which can be more impactful than going on your laptop/phone

– You’re able to be super creative and use unusual materials/finds

– Creating a physical vision board requires extra work to find the exact images you want
– Once that image is glued down, that’s it, if your dreams/aspirations change, you’ll have to create a new one
– Unlike digital vision boards, you can’t look at your physical board on the go

Step by Step: How to create a 2024 Vision Board

Your 2024 Vision Board should be about laying down the breadcrumbs that’ll lead you to your goals and dreams. I want you by the end of this to be able to craft a vision that is about who you are and who you want to be…

Step 1: Set Your Intentions

Before you start hunting for images or grabbing magazines, take a moment to really think about what you want for 2024. What areas of your life are you looking to jazz up? Career? Personal growth? Adventures? Write these down.

Your vision board will be a mirror reflecting your aspirations, so getting clear on your intentions is key.

Use my free printable/digital vision planner to do this…

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Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

For a physical vision board, you’ll need:

  • A board (cork, poster, peg or foam board works great)
  • Magazines, photos, or any print material you find inspiring
  • Scissors, glue, pins, or tape
  • Markers, stickers, or anything else you want for a bit of flair

Going digital? Choose from:

  • A graphic design tool like Canva or Photoshop
  • or a Pinterest board (name it 2024 Vision Board)
  • or a ready made template in note app like Goodnotes or Notability
  • Images you’ve saved, websites, and quotes you love

Step 3: Hunt for Inspiration

Now, the fun part – collecting the pieces of your dream puzzle. Flip through magazines, scroll through your phone, or take a walk in nature – whatever lights that creative spark.

Don’t just look for pretty pictures; search for those that truly make your heart sing or deeply resonate with your goals. Here are some great places for you to find images for your 2024 Vision Board:

Images / Photos:

  • Canva FREE account – Create a design, Go to “Elements” and select image/graphics. Use “text” section to create your text
  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pinterest

Step 4: Lay them out!

Once you’ve found your inspiration pics, lay everything out to make sure you like the look of it together. 

I’d recommend you start by placing your most important goal in the centre, that’s your bullseye. Then around this you’ll have other images that represent various aspects of your life you wish to improve or achieve, like health, career, or personal growth.

Group stuff that vibes together in little clusters, like all your fitness goals in one spot, career moves in another. It keeps things neat and makes it easier for you to zero in on what matters.

Stick some powerful affirmations and words that inspire in there too! You want to make your board a visual pep talk, laid out in a way that fires you up every time you glance at it.

Play around with layout; maybe you want areas dedicated to different goals or a mix that represents your entire vision for the year. 

Make it flow and make it look good! Your going to (hopefully) be staring at this throughout the entire year.

Here’s an example of my 2024 Vision Board…

2024 vision board, vision planner, goal setting, free planner, personal growth, 2024 Goals

Download this template

Be choosy about what makes the final cut. Each image, each quote should feel like a “heck yes” to your goals. If it doesn’t spark that inner “This is it,” consider leaving it out. Your board should be a distilled essence of your aspirations, not cluttered with maybes.

Step 5: Begin Assembling

If you’ve decided to make a physical vision board, start by adding your chosen images and items to your board. Use the supplies in Step 2 to do this.

Have you decided to go digital? The great thing about digital vision boards is the fact that you’re able to drag and drop. If you’re using a laptop/iPad you’ll be able to do split screen and then easily drag and drop the images onto your vision board.

I like to play soft inspirational music while I create my vision boards. it just helps you get in the ‘higher vibrational’ mood and visualize what you want your 2024 to look like. 

Make it work for you. Do anything that’ll help you get into that high vibe state.

Step 7: Sprinkle some magic words

Words have power, which is why it’s super important to include some on your vision board.

You can simply use your own handwriting, a text box or you can create or find a text image, just like the one below from @YamidRosales on Pinterest…

It’s important to choose affirmations or intentions that reinforce your goals. “I am unstoppable”, “New adventures are calling my name” or “My creativity flows freely”.

2024 vision board, vision planner, goal setting, free planner, personal growth, 2024 Goals

Use words to inspire you personally and align with your 2024 vision. 

Step 8: Place It Proudly

Now it’s time to give your 2024 vision board the spotlight, it shouldn’t be hidden away.

For your physical digital board, make sure you find a spot where it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night—maybe next to your mirror or on the wall across your bed. It’s about keeping those dreams in your line of sight, always.

If you’re not on your phone, tablet or laptop all the time, there are less opportunities for you to view your vision board. I’d recommend displaying it as your home and lock screen phone, as you are more likely to be using that during the day. You can also add it as the desktop wallpaper on your tablet or laptop. 

You’ve got to make your vision board stand out like a neon sign in the middle of nowhere – unmissable. Your vision board should scream: “This is why we’re hustling!” 

Updating Your Vision Board Throughout 2024

You’ve got to keep your vision board updated throughout the year if you want to be able to reach those goals of yours.

It’s essentially a living document; as you grow and evolve, so should it.

Keeping it updated ensures it remains a true reflection of your aspirations, adapting as your goals shift or expand over the year.

Why Keep It Updated?

Your vision at the start of the year might not be the same come mid-year or end. Maybe you’ve crushed some goals ahead of schedule (go you!), or perhaps there’s something else you fancy a little better than what was on there previously.

It reminds me of a vow renewal, except this process renews your commitment to your dreams.

Here’s what to do:

Review Regularly
Set a reminder to review your vision board every few months. Ask yourself:
– Have I made progress on this goal?
– Does this still resonate with me?
– What’s changed in my life since I added this?

If something no longer sparks that fire in you, it might be time to replace it with something that does. 

Incorporate Flexibility
Here are a couple of unique tips to make updating easier:
– For your physical vision board, write goals or intentions on sticky notes. They’re easy to replace or move around as your priorities shift.
– If you’re working digitally, create an archive folder for the goals you’ve achieved or the ones you’ve decided to pivot away from. One day you’ll thank yourself for tracking this journey. 

What’s Your Why?
Look back and remember the reason you have these goals in the first place. Understanding your “why” can help you decide whether a goal is still as important as it was when you first added it and if it deserves a spot on your board moving forward.

How to Create a 2024 Action Plan Based on Your Vision Board

Alright, your 2024 vision board is ready, filled with your dreams and goals for the year. Now what?

What do you need to do to get those same dreams off the board and into your life? The action you take after this step is just as impact as the “vision”.

I got you!

SMARTen up!

Have a look at the dreams and desires on your vision board. Morph them into SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals.

SMART goals go beyond basic goal-setting. It’s allowing you to get specific and clear in. your mind about why you want and when.

Don’t have the fact that you want to “travel more” as your goal! Instead specify that you will “save $3,000 for a European adventure by July 2024”.

Those specifics are more likely to stick in your mind plus it gives you an affirmation to repeat every day.

Prioritize Like a Boss

Not all goals wear the same cape. Decide which ones are the driving force for making your 2024 the best year yet. Identify these priority goals as they’ll have a domino effect, making other objectives easier to achieve or even resolving themselves.

Map Out Your Milestones

Chunk down those priority goals into manageable milestones. Eyeing that dream job? Milestones might include revamping your resume or networking. It’s about making the journey digestible and less overwhelming, with clear signposts along the way.

Get Tactical with Tasks

For each milestone, list out the specific tasks required, assigning deadlines to each. This transforms your vision from a ‘someday’ into a series of ‘today’ actions, setting the pace for daily and weekly progress towards your larger ambitions.

I like to start by focusing on the end goal, then work my way backward, laying out all the milestones leading up to it. This will make it a lot easier to list all the tasks related to that specific milestone.

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Track and Celebrate Progress

Choose a method to track your progress that genuinely excites you, turning this into a rewarding part of your routine. Celebrating milestones reinforces your momentum, turning even small successes into fuel for the journey ahead.

Be Nimble and Adjust as Needed

Flexibility is your friend. If a goal loses its shine or you blaze through targets faster than expected, adjust your plan. It’s not about sticking rigidly to a path but ensuring it always leads where you currently want to go.

Remember, whether or not you succeed this year depends on the planning as well as the execution. Every task completed is a step closer to the life you’ve dreamed of. This commitment to action, coupled with regular reviews and adjustments, ensures your vision board evolves from a collection of aspirations to a testament of your achievements.

🔔 Don’t forget to get a head start and grab my 2024 vision planner which includes a Year reset, 2024 vision board, Life Goals and 50 things in 2024. It’s your answer to making this year a success and it’s free, so nothing to lose.

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Click here to download your new 2024 Vision Planner

In essence, your action plan for 2024 is more than a to-do list; it’s a blueprint for personal revolution. It’s about making this year a narrative of growth, achievement, and the realization of your most cherished dreams. So, here’s to a 2024 where those vision board dreams don’t just stay pinned or pixelated images but become the chapters of your incredible journey forward. Let’s make it happen!


Hopefully by now you’ve understood how to transition from the initial spark of inspiration to the concrete steps of turning those dreams into YOUR reality.

Your vision is there to remind you of what you’re shooting for… and occasionally give you that (much needed) kick up the backside when your slacking.

Tips for the best 2024 ever:

  • Don’t make your Vision Board the centre of your Universe. You should look at it everyday as inspiration but do not focus entirely of the “things” on there. Once you’ve looked at it, put it to the side and focus on the action plan.
  • Don’t get discouraged when goals/plans fall through or miss their deadlines. Stick to the plan and keep going.
  • Make sure you celebrate every win to keep that momentum going
  • You could host a Vision Board Party where your friends can also create their vision boards with you. 
  • Update your vision board! Plans change and so do your goals, and that’s totally okay! Change the text or images as your life evolves throughout the year. 
  • Take time to sit with your board and reflect on what it is you actually want. Visualize achieving everything you want to, think about the next steps towards action. 

While it’s important to dream and dream BIG, it’s even more vital that those dreams start to turn into a concrete plan. A plan that’ll lead to achievement and success. You’ll be surprise how much your life can change in a year.

I hope this guide has sparked that light inside you and you feel you now have what it takes to design the 2024 of your dreams.

Remember, the real magic happens when you move from dreaming to doing.


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