How To Use A Digital Planner To Organize Your Life

April 16th, 2024

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What Is Digital Planner?

Keeping a digital planner is like keeping a traditional paper planner, but much more convenient and without the waste.

A digital planner helps you keep your organization system on your phone and other mobile devices so that you can edit, adjust, and add things to it, as they pop up. 

No more searching for a pen in your purse!

Not sure how a digital life planner is going to organize your time?

Here are the key tips and tricks to making a real difference and actually getting things done using a digital planner.

How To Use A Digital Planner to Organize Your Life

1. Empty Your Brain

A planner is only good if you actually fill it with useful content. When putting all of the details together, dump everything from your brain into your digital planer. 

That’s what it’s there for, after all!  An organized mss won’t do anyone any good. So this is the solution.

2. Make Use Of Time Blocking

A digital planner gives you access to time blocking, but you have to make sure that you actually, you know, use it. 

You can set up certain time frames for certain daily tasks, and know what’s coming up on your schedule, and how long it’ll be. 

Put your planner to use by really relying on this feature — it’s more useful than you think!

3. Take Advantage Of Modern Sync Convenience

For added modern convenience, you’ll be able to sync this digital life planner with your calendar so that you can have both working together for you instead of having to switch back and forth all the time. 

May as well put tech on your side, right?

4. Don’t forget to plan your planning session!

You’ll need to get organized about the planning itself!

Use the time blocks to set up a time to plan for the upcoming week and month, for instance.  This helps you keep using it for a long time to come. 

Additionally, have a planning session to help you put together a monthly overview and a to do list for daily and weekly life.  The more you plan, the better your organization will be!

Things to Consider…

If you love the idea of a digital life planner, you’ll want to find a planner that works for you. 

There are a few different options and getting the right fit between your interest and how you use it is going to be very important.  Take the time to really explore a few options and then pick the one that is going to feel the most practical for you.

My Digital Life Planner has over 550 pages and literally has every you need to digitally plan your entire life.

The Live Love Planners Digital Planner contains monthly, weekly and daily pages which are all hyperlinked making it super easy to navigate.

Incorporate the planner into your daily life using only an iPad and pencil.

Here’s how to get started digitally planning your life:

The “How” Matters

The way you use your digital planner is going to determine how successful you are at putting it into action. 

That’s why these tips above on how to actually make it work for you are going to be so important to follow. 

Streamlining your journey to success, these will guide you to organization, comfort, practicality, and a digital planner that is virtually effortless to actually use.

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