36 Money Affirmations To Help You Attract More Money (They Work!)

July 6th, 2023

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Do you have trouble keeping ahold of money? Have a love/hate relationship with your cash?

You aren’t the only one.

According to survey taken earlier this year, just under 60% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

Let’s be honest..

That’s no way to live!

We weren’t put here on this earth to pay bills and die.

Life is here so we can live it. After all you only get one shot.

Right now with everything going on, have more money will definitely serve you more.

More choices, more freedom, more success.

Wouldn’t you want to live it to the fullest with the money you desire and deserve?

Whether you are jobless, an entrepreneur or still trapped in your 9 to 5, there are ways you attract more money into your life quickly!

Money Affirmations repeated daily will help to inspire and empower you every day. 

We all desire to attract more money into our lives.

Just know it is totally possible to have financial abundance and live the life of your dreams.

It isn’t magic!

In order to receive lots of money, you need to change your money mindset.

It’s about reprogramming your mind to believe you are worthy of achieving this money and letting go of your limiting beliefs.

manifestation magic money affirmations Copy of How to Manifest Money (Become a Money Magnet)

What are Money Affirmations?

First you need to understand what a money mindset is.

Your money mindset is your thoughts and feelings about how money works in your life.

Do you think money is something you never have? Or do you believe money doesn’t grow on trees?

Chances are, your thoughts and feelings about money stem from your parents or from society.


In any case, as we grow up most of us inhabit other peoples core money beliefs, whether good or bad.

Money affirmations are positive statements or mantras.

Think of them as a constant stream of positive thoughts that revolve around your financial desire.

These negative and positive statements about money are your money mindset and these dictate:

  • How much money we have in our lives
  • How much Money we are destined to have in our lives
  • The things/people we have around us 
  • How this money is spent

Our thoughts and feelings become reality.

50 Money Affirmations To Help You Attract More Money (They Work!)

Knowing this, we can become more aware of our thoughts by reciting positive statements (or affirmations) in order to attract the money we desire.

It’s when we adopt an abundance money mindset, that our lives really start to change.

Sounds simple enough, but how is it done?

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How to Use Money Affirmations to Attract More Money

These reasons why these money affirmations are so powerful is because they help to reprogram your subconscious.

Thoughts that normally wouldn’t be there, have suddenly appeared because you’ve opened your mind.

The big reason to practice money affirmations is to allow money making thoughts to come to you.

When they do, it’s your job to pick the ones that ‘feel’ right and inspire you the most. 

Take action!

In order for you to be financially abundant, you need to couple all of these thoughts and affirmations with action.

Open up your mind, so you are more aware of financial opportunities. This will help you manifest money much quicker. 

Just like everything else in the world, money is an energy.

The true power of attracting more money, is to be on the same vibrational frequency as it.

Let it come into your life without limitations.

You can read more about the things you need to do to become a money magnet and manifest more money into your life here..

Money affirmations are best done in the mornings as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed at night.

Do Money Affirmations Actually Work?

They definitely do.

But the question is, are you willing to do the work to achieve financial abundance?

The Universe will bring you the things your truly desire, however, you need to be willing to meet them half way.

You have to be proactive in your world in order to make these inspired thoughts come to life.

So make sure you follow up these money affirmations with inspired action.

You’ll be attracting money quicker than you think.

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36 Money Affirmations to Become A Money Magnet

1. I am worthy of making more money.

2. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

3. I am grateful to have multiple streams of income.

4. I vibrate with the frequency of abundance.

5. Making money is fun.

6. I find it easy to make money.

7. I am grateful that money flows to me in increasing quantities.

8. Everything my heart desires is finding its way into my life.

9. I am forever generating prosperity with my thoughts and feelings.

10. I have a prosperous mindset.

11. Money has a positive effect on every aspect of my life.

12. I have a positive money mindset.

13. My income continues to grow every day.

14. I am grateful to have such an abundant life and to be in a world where anything is possible.

15. My actions create wealth and prosperity.

16. Abundance is in every single thing I do.

17. I am open to receiving copious amounts of wealth into my life.

18. I am grateful for the abundance & prosperity in my life.

19. Something wonderful is always happening to me.

20. I have the power to attract abundance and prosperity into my life.

21. Making more money than I spend is something that comes easily to me.

22. I resonate with abundance, wealth and prosperity.

23. I am able to hold, manage and share my wealth.

24. There are no limits to the amount of money I can make.

25. I attract money to myself on a daily basis.

26. My money capabilities are limitless and ever expanding.

27. I constantly attract new opportunities to bring me more money.

28. My mind is full of thoughts of never ending unlimited prosperity.

29. Money is continuously pouring into my life.

30. I reproduce abundance and wealth daily.

31. Money flows to me in surprising and unexpected ways.

32. I am a money magnet, money is drawn to me.

money affirmations I am a Powerful Money Magnet who is always attracting abundance.

33. It is my birthright to be abundant.

34. The Universe is the constant supplier of money for me.

35. I trust that more money is coming to me.

36. I always have enough money to fulfil my needs.

Top Tips to reach your financial goals

1. Eliminate those negative thoughts

If you’re struggling to manifest the money you want and these money affirmations aren’t working, chances are you have limiting beliefs blocking you from receiving.

“Money is the root of all evil”

“You have to work too hard to make a lot of money”

“Money can’t buy happiness”

“No matter what I do, I am always in debt”

“There isn’t enough money to go around”

Sound familiar?

When you replace these negative thoughts and beliefs with more positive ones, you open up your vibration to receive only positive things.

These money affirmations are all about shifting your energy, so you can step into limitless financial possibilities.

2. Visualize your desired life

Have you figured out what it is you want?

Do you want to manifest a fancy purse, a luxurious holiday in the Bahamas or a fancy car?

Whatever it is you desire, you must visualize it every single day.

Close your eyes and envision how you would feel as if you already have all that your desire.

Whether it’s a fancy car or to be financial free, no matter how big or small your financial goals are, start to see yourself in that life.

You could put a picture up on your vision board, a wallpaper on your laptop screen or even a mental picture every time you close your eyes.

For me, I wanted to ability to buy my own home, buy the groceries I wanted every week and be able to have a really great holiday every year.

Don’t feel like your money manifestation goals have to be small or big. 

Decide that you want what you want and visualize it daily.

Listen to a short meditation video, like this one, while reciting these affirmations for enhanced effect.

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3. Detach from the outcome

So you’ve been doing these money affirmations, visualizing and taking inspired action for a while now and it hasn’t been working?

Chances are you’re clinging onto them too much.

Yes, it’s important to visualize them every day, but once your your intentions  have been set, you need to be able to let them go.

Detach yourself from the outcome. 

In other words, stop worrying about when your manifestation is coming or how you’re going to get it.

When you say “it’s not working”, all you’re doing in reinforcing the lack in your life.

An whether you like it or not, “it’s not working” becomes your new affirmation.

It’s easier said than done, right?

You really need to relax and not cling to the results so tightly.

Remember you are still open to receiving money, but your not pinning all your hopes on it happening.

Otherwise it will work against you.

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So, what happens now?

The secret to unlocking an abundant life lies within you.

These money affirmations will help you open your mind to more financial opportunities. Use these money affirmations daily but start small.

If this list is too overwhelming, start with just a few a day and work upwards from there.

Practice is key. The more you do it, the more bad habits you’ll eliminate and more positive thoughts you’ll attract.

Read more about how to manifest money and become a literal money magnet..

Which positive money affirmations do you like best? Are there any more you have to add to this list?

Comment below, save this post and share!

Good luck!


  1. Renee

    We are retired, how does all this work when you are retired? My husband has spent a lot of money frivolously. How does this work when he spends and I try to save

    • Christina

      Hi Renee,

      It’s definitely a difficult situation. I would have a conversation with him and make a plan. Spending money should definitely not be seen as a bad thing. The more you withhold money (i.e save), the more limitations you put on yourself. If you are trying to manifest money, don’t focus on the lack of it or the fact it keeps getting spent.

      Instead, use your money to pay bills (happily), save a portion of it each month, and then give your husband the freedom to spend a portion of it each month. (watch out for credit cards). Retired or not, there is always the possibility to manifest more money. I believe in the both of you. Best of luck!



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