4 reasons why your manifestation is NOT working

December 18th, 2023

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Manifestation is a simple process in theory, however there are many common issues/blocks that may be stopping you from realising your dreams.

During your manifestation journey, it can especially frustrating to go through setbacks.

The road to get the things you want may not always be smooth and it definitely takes practice too. In many cases, if your coming from a dark desperate place, the process will not happen overnight.

Everyone is different and the reasons for the manifestation blocks vary, however the are some common reasons why you aren’t able to manifest the things you want. 

Lets talk about the clear the blocks that prevent you from manifesting what you want in your life..

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1. You’re thinking ‘things aren’t manifesting’

Thinking “things not manifesting” is probably your first setback.

There are things manifesting every minute of every day, whether they are good or bad. Things may not be manifesting the way you want.

Ironically you could be harbouring an unhealthy attachment to the belief that “things are NOT manifesting”, which may be the reason your manifestation is blocked.

Thinking ‘why isn’t it working?’ is breeds worry and doubt. This hinders our goals and we often miss opportunities when they arise because of this thought process.

Sometimes what we want just doesn’t fall into our lap, instead there is a healthy progression of manifestations happening that is helping us become more aligned.

Don’t misinterpret the setbacks or ‘delays’, as they can be setting you up for something better or something that was not meant for you anyway. If you give up every time something ‘bad’ happens, it will set you back even further.

What to do: Be patient. Once you have set your intentions, let it go and stay out of the details of how, when and why. Believe that the things you want are already happening and realise that things are always manifesting. It is vital that you release your attachment to the “outcome” of your manifestation. 

2. You’re not “Feeling” the Emotion

Many approach manifestation visualizing the material ‘things’ as opposed to the overall experience and lifestyle that this ‘thing’ will bring them.

It’s just as important to know why you want something as much as it is to know exactly what you want.

Yes it is good to focus on the actual ‘thing’ you want, but what you should be doing is focusing on the fuller more beautiful quality of life this ‘thing’ will bring.

Your thoughts + plus your emotions equal your reality.

If your emotions don’t match up with the ‘reality’ you’re trying to manifest, then it just won’t happen.

You should never have to force the ‘good’ feelings, you should automatically feel it within.

If you don’t feel the positivity and you are trying to force it, manifestation for the things you want just won’t work.

What to do: When you visualise, picture how it makes you feel.

Align yourself with things that are a vibrational match to you. Focus only on what you desire and tap into the emotion you’d feel as it was already here. 

Each day that you visualize and truly feel the emotions of what you want, you are getting closer and closer to your manifestation. 

3. You’re attracting the negative

The things you think about and say are powerful. These are the things that the universe will automatically pull into your life.

By thinking of all the reasons why you don’t deserve something or constantly complaining about what you have, then you could be attracting more of what you don’t want, rather than the amazing things you do want. 

If you focus on the new phone your going to get because your old one is now battered, or the commute at your current job is too long and stressful, then you will waste your energy feeling unhappy, therefore sending out negative energy. 

Think about when you have ever feared something or worried constantly, has that ever helped you? No..

Because this type of emotion doesn’t help anybody.

Don’t take attention off  or gloss over the bad, but don’t make it your focus.

In order to truly shift energy, and change your vibration, you will need to address the reasons why you feel like this, and convert these feelings into more empowering beliefs.

What to do: YOU can decide how you want your day to go from the moment you wake up. It starts with gratitude. It raises your positive vibrations,  aligns you with the energy of the Universe and can speed up your manifestation 10x.

manifestation be happy with what you have

What you need to do is make a conscious decision to disregard the negative thoughts and think only of the good ones.

Nobody is saying to ignore the issues you have, what I’m saying, is make a point to note everything that is going well in your life instead.

Instead of constantly repeating that “you’re life is a mess and you’re not happy”, start saying things like:

“I am so happy in this moment” or “I’m grateful to be in this apartment and have a job to go to every day”.

Face the negativity and issues you have, head on. Throw in positivity and gratitude every single time you wake up.

This will immediately transform all areas of your life.

get rid of negative thoughts negative affirmations

4. You think WANTING it is enough

Wanting or Wishing for something can be quite a big block in manifesting. By focusing on wanting something, what you really focus on is the fact that you don’t already have it. 

In addition to this, many people still rely on the statement:

“Ask, Dream & Receive”

Whatever your commitment is will show in your manifestation.

While this can be true, there’s a lot more to it. Your desires won’t just appear into reality without you putting in the work (yes, I said work)

What to do: Don’t sit back and wait for your intentions to come true. Depending on what you want to manifest, make sure you do everything possible to putting things into place.

Use the present tense. State your intention in the present tense, reading the statement in a way that says your intentions are already true.


Identify what your resistance is.

Once you’ve identified it, consider for a moment the negative aspects. It is important after this that you transform these negative thoughts about your manifestations into empowering beliefs.

Reinterpret the fear and doubt into positivity by first facing it.

Work through it by affirming every day how much you deserve to have what you desire.

Focus on reasons why you do deserve that new job, as opposed to reasons why you don’t.

Set out a powerful intention to the universe in which you believe that what you are asking for is on it’s way to you. Learn to say thank you and let go. 

This will amplify the Law of Attraction and enable you to manifest all your anything you want.

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!


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