How You Feeling: How to Boost your Mental Health

February 25th, 2023

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A lot of our lives are spent not even knowing was ‘good’ mental health is or just how important it is.

Having good mental health is vital in just about anything we do in life. Think about your work or love life. If we add poor mental health to the equation not only do we negatively affect other people, but worse, we damage our own wellbeing.

I know what it feels like to be depressed and it’s not great. Nor is it as easy to snap out of it as people like to mention.

The amazing news is, it is possible!

Out of the many ways to practice Self Care, I have compiled a list of 5 things you simply MUST do to improve your mental health today. Read on..

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1. Acknowledge it

How you feeling?

There is no one person in the world that isn’t susceptible to issues with their mental health.

It’s an extremely common issue, even more now than ever.

Regardless of how common mental health issues are, people just don’t want to talk about it or even admit that they might have an issue.

If you’re starting to have low or negative thoughts, regardless how serious you believe they are, you need to first acknowledge that there might be an issue.

Denial is not cute, especially when your friends and family start to notice.

Simply ignoring the issue, won’t help and will only prolong the agony and possibly send you into a deeper darker state.

Your mental health issues will not go away!

Part of overcoming negative emotions comes from first understanding and accepting them. This is truly the first step you must take.

2. Let it out

Keeping all of the bad feelings and thoughts inside, doesn’t make them disappear.

In fact, it does the complete opposite. They get bigger and bigger and eventually manifest themselves into the world outside of your head.

You’ll soon find that the way you feel, look, act and are around other people will be affected.

It’s so very important that you talk about your thoughts.

I promise you it helps!

There are people who find it easier talking to a stranger or professional (like me) because there isn’t really any judgement. But if you find it easier to open up to friends and family, whatever, JUST DO IT!

If even that seems too hard, start by writing things down (I like writing 😊). This can help you open up a bit more.

Put your fears, negativity, or pain all on paper and then think of them as being out of your mind and body. 

Crying helps. A lot. It is absolutely not a sign of being weak or pathetic.

It’s the best way I feel to let out any negative or painful thoughts and you know what… I always always feel better afterwards. 

Whatever way you feel best to ‘let it out’, make sure you do it and don’t keep things bottled in.

3. Cut out the negativity

If there are things or people in your life causing you pain or bringing about negative vibes, you simply must cut them out immediately.

We could be having an amazing day and a negative thought caused by an object/person would come along and completely override the great feelings we’ve been having.

That’s sad and it’s so important we don’t allows things like that to happen.

Whether it’s social media, someone around you or something you see that brings about a negative thought, eliminate it and move on. 

I stopped watching the news years ago. There is only negativity and sadness. Don’t listen to songs you know will make you sad and send you into an abyss.

Instead listen the positivity podcasts, read inspirational and motivating quotes and distance yourself from distractions.

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4. Work it out

Getting up and exercising is vital to improving your mental health.

Working out not boosts self esteem but can also release endorphins which in turn improve your mood.

It doesn’t have to be a full on 2 hour sweat fest. Well, maybe sweat a little bit.

Take a short walk or go upstairs 10 extra times a day.

5. Get more sleep

Without adequate sleep there is no way we will function effectively;  physically and especially mentally.

Like Dr. Michael Breus, the “Sleep Doctor” talks about here, improving your sleep quality for the better improves attitude, makes us more productive and, best yet, make us HAPPIER!

Sleep is a lot more important than people realise and many of us regularly skimp on quality sleep.

How do you expect to work through all of those issues?

Deprivation is ugly and extremely unhealthy. So make sure you aim for 7 hours or more a night.

6. Practice gratitude

As I talk about in my Manifestating the life of your dreams post, practising gratitude is a huge part of allowing great things to happen to you.

Being grateful for the things you have matters just as much, when you’re feeling low.

This is because gratitude immediately pulls positive thoughts into your head, which eventually manifests itself into a positive reality.

There are ALWAYS things  in your life you can be grateful for, no matter how bad you think they are. 

Also, practise kindness in your daily life. It not only makes others feel great but it does wonders for your mental health.

7. Take time out (alone)

Spend time, alone, doing the things you love to do. Whatever that is.

Taking time away from work, the kids or family can be therapeutic because it gives you time to perform a mind cleanse.

Have you ever wondered why the airlines always tell you to place the mask on yourself first before helping anyone else. It’s called Self Care for a reason.

If you take time out to look out for yourself, it positivity affects the people around you and the things you do.

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8. Find your purpose

Having a goal or looking forward to something instantly gives us a mental boost. It’s so important that we love what we do, each and every day.

One the really bad days, figure out ways to cheer yourself up. Do things you actually love to do!

If work makes you unhappy, actively search for alternatives.

Make sure whatever you choose somewhere that makes you feel good and positively impacts your mental state.


You are who you are.

Unique and Beautiful.

There isn’t one person on this earth like you and you should see that as a blessing.

Find something that gives your life purpose.

Realise that you are the only one that can change how you feel, and the only one that can ensure you live the best life possible.

Start today and you can see the effects sooner than you think.

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!


The information provided above is should not replace professional medical advice. If you feel you are in need of professional help, please seek the help of a medical professional asap.

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