How to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

October 17th, 2023

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Sound way too good to be true? Learning to Manifest Your Dreams into reality doesn’t have to be. 

If you, like me a few years back, have no idea how to manifest the life of your dreams or even what manifestation is, this post is definitely for you. 

The more and more I looked into the art of manifestation, the more I started to realize just how ‘real’ it is.

Learning how to manifest the things you want or have the life you’ve always dreamt, is so much simpler than you think.

Look back to life as a child. Everything was within reach. The word “no” was unheard of. All of your imaginations were turned into reality.

This is an automatic mindset that we are all born with.

When we grow up into adulthood, there are automatic limitations put on our lives. Society tells us how to be, live and act.

The moral of the story is, your dreams can come true and anything really is possible.


There is a specific way to do it. 

If you want to learn how to manifest your dreams into reality, then read on.

Start implementing and applying these to your daily life now and see instant results..

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation put simply attracting and consciously creating the life you desire.

Many people will know about the law of attraction and correlate it with Manifestation. Although these two techniques are similar they are also require a different mindset.

Law of attraction is more about attracting the things you want, whereas Manifestation is all about attracting what you are.

Everything you see before you is made up of energy and vibrations.

This means our thoughts are vibrational energy. So whatever we think about, we are in effect putting this out to the universe and saying it is true. It’s called a vibrational law.

You are automatically matched up with the things, people and surroundings that match your vibrational energy. 

Manifestation goes deeper than the law of attraction, because you don’t focus on the things you want, you focus on the energy, emotions and ‘vibe’ those things/people will bring.

The idea of thoughts becoming reality seems unachievable for many people, but it is totally possible.

When you manifest, you have to go to the place you want to be in 6 months or 5 years time, and act as if you are already there.

Manifesting your dreams into reality is not a fairytale and should be taken really seriously. It’s just that powerful!

Here’s how to start manifesting the life you desire today..

How to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

how to manifest your dreams into reality and live your best life

1. It all starts with mindset..

And it really does..

The truth is, if you don’t believe your going to have something, then you will NEVER have it.

Your mindset will lay the groundwork for all of your manifestation practices.

If you want to manifest your dreams, whatever the ‘thing’ is you want to have, you need to truly believe it before it can become a reality.

Reprogram you subconscious mind to believe that you are worthy of whatever it is you’re trying to manifest.

For example, someone lacking the right mindset, may want to really manifest a new car.

However, their limiting beliefs, such as lack of funds, will stop them from actually believing it could be true.

“I want to be able to buy a new car next month….but how will I when I have no money”.

 You need to actually believe it and really feel the emotions.

Connect to the emotions you would feel as if you’ve already received the thing you want.

Do not force the emotions, it should come naturally and you should be happy, joyful and exciting when it happens.

When you shift you current beliefs to match your desired reality, you manifest things a lot quicker.

Top tip:

It will be hard to change your mindset at the start, but the more you’re able to do it, the better you’ll be.


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2. Wake up with gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important keys into unlocking the power of manifestation.

Think of it this way..

If you aren’t ever grateful for the things you are, why would the universe give you anything more?

There is a way of being grateful for the things you currently have, whilst at the same time striving for more.

When you practice being grateful, in any area of your life, you create the feeling of having enough and being abundant.

Being grateful gives you a feeling a being happy with what you have.

If you want to manifest the thing you want, you must eliminate any feelings of lack in your life and replace them with feelings of contentment and positivity.

By removing these negative emotions, you’ll automatically attract abundance into your life.

So from tonight, you need to go to sleep thanking the Universe for everything you have. Then tomorrow when you wake up, do exactly the same thing.

No matter how bad you think your life is, try to think of things you can thank the Universe for. There is always something.

You can either state your gratitude out loud or write in down. Start thinking of the things you’re grateful for, even if they aren’t here yet.

When you start manifesting, you have already set the intentions out to the Universe.

The Universe has no idea whether or not the things you’re being grateful for are here or not, therefore it starts to send you more.

The fact that you’ve set intentions, means it exists.

Gratitude is really an essential first step in manifesting the things you want, quickly! Make it part of your daily routine.

Top tip:

As soon as you wake up, take 5 minutes to yourself to mentally go over all of the things in your life you’re grateful for.

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3. Calm your mind

We face noise everywhere in our everyday lives.

As a result of this, our brains become clogged and this is a huge roadblock when trying to manifesting better things into our lives.

If you’ve already started the process of manifestation and aren’t seeing results, chances are that something is subconsciously is blocking you.

You need to calm the mind to unclog the flow of positive vibrations.

Eliminate the doubt and fear from your life completely, as these are most likely causing the clog.

Remember, thoughts whether positive or negative, manifest themselves into reality.

If you are looking for ways to calm the mind, mediation is a proven technique that allows you to be still and in the moment.

While meditating, you should be able to unwind and refocus.

Clear your overactive mind completely. Make sure you are taking long deep breaths.

The more you calm the mind and be still, you send the right vibrational energy out to the Universe.

If meditation isn’t for you, try listening to music (without words) that calms you. Everybody is different and you will know the method that works best for you. 

It will take time and hard work, but trust that you will see the difference and soon be able to manifest your dreams into reality.

Top tip:

Practice this daily and soon you’ll start to realize you’ll be able to manifest your dreams.

You can start your morning waking up with gratitude and then beginning a short meditation session (maybe 10 to 15 minutes).

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4. Write down your intentions

Your intentions needs to be clearly stated, in order to become true. One key way to do this is to use scripting.

Scripting is the act of intentionally writing down your desires, as if they are already a reality.

Think about all the areas of your life and write down statements of exactly what you want. Picture the life of your dreams with no limitations and absolutely no limiting beliefs.

Writing down your intentions, or scripting, allows you to really feel the emotion behind your intentions and makes it feel real.

Find a journal and start making statements of intention.

Some examples of a statements of intention would be: “I am so blessed to have this $10,000 in my account” or “Thank you Universe, for my new 2020 sports car”.

In your mind you should already believe the thing you desire is already yours!

5. Visualize your new reality

What does your new manifested reality look like?

How does it make you feel?

Visualizing the things you want is a necessary step to manifest your dreams and making them a reality.

Close your eyes and start to see yourself walking into your new house, marrying the love of your life or using your card to purchase that new car.

All aspects of your intentions should become reality in your mind. If you aren’t able to visualize it, how can you ever make it a reality?

The more content you are, the closer to your dreams you’ll be.

When you’re visualzing your manifestations, you should be replicating the emotions you’d feel when it happens.

So if it makes you feel happy, then be happy!

This visualization technique is used by many to achieve their desired outcome.

Start practising it to realize your dreams much quicker..

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6. Practice daily affirmations

Practising daily affirmations can help you to manifest quickly.

You’ve already started to write down your intentions. They don’t just stay written, they need to repeated as part of your daily routine.

Every morning, you should spend 10 to 15 mins repeating these affirmations (to yourself). While you’re at it, start to repeat them when you go to bed. 

You want this amazing new reality to be the first thing you think about when you wake and the last thing at night. 

State your positive affirmations in present tense.

If you don’t practice daily affirmations stating your intentions, you’re less likely to take the steps to get there!

By allowing these statements to enter your mind over and over again, you’ll be able to trick your subconscious mind to believing it’s actually true!

Repeat positive affirmations and become a vibrational match to whatever your desires are. 

7. Take action

Now comes the stage where you have to take action. Action means taking the necessary steps to achieve your manifestations.

Although simply manifesting a new reality sounds too good to be true, there is no magic involved. 

If you don’t get up and go to work tomorrow, you won’t receive that new promotion you wanted.

They call it inspired action. All of the work you’ve done so far has prepared should have inspired you to take action.

Create a daily schedule of all the things you need to do.

Never force something to happen. It’s important it comes naturally.

You may have recently been laid off a job you weren’t really that keen on, but a week later, a friend of yours mentions a job you know you’d be perfect for.

Take the inspired action necessary to go for that job!

Taking action is such an integral cog in the manifestation game (although not a game :-)).

8. Let it go and let it be…

Now you’ve clearly stated your intention, it’s time to let them go.

Going on with your life, taking the above steps into consideration. You already have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Once you’ve stated your intentions, visulaized and released the fear & doubt, you need to be able to trust the Universe is always bringing you your desires in abundance. 

The key here is to Trust the Universe.

Where you’ll fail is thinking, after some time, that your manifestation is working.

Never believe “It isn’t working for me”.

By doing this, you’ve allowed the fear and doubt back into your life and driven your intentions further away.

Repeat over and over again “The Universe is constantly bringing abundance into my life”

Always act on the opportunities that come your way, and make sure it feels right. That you know within your gut, this is meant for me.

If you’ve following all of the manifestation techniques, they will automatically present themselves..

Whether it happens in an hour or a week, always trust that it’s yours!

Remember you are the only one that controls your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you want for nothing, you’ll attract everything. That’s the reality. 

You have what you need to Manifest Your Dreams..

Here are some positive affirmations for you to repeat every day: 

  • I already have everything I could ever want or need
  • I am full of abundance and fulfilment 
  • I am a vibrational match for the abundance in my life
  • I am an energetic being radiating in abundance
  • I radiate with positivity
  • I am the ONLY creator of my reality

The abundance is already with you and your new reality is here. Trust it, believe it and now go out there and get it! 

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