12 Steps to The Perfect Morning Routine

September 6th, 2023

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There is something about establishing your perfect morning routine to get you set up for the day.

If you find your days unstructured and messy, a morning routine can really help you to get more done.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” — John C. Maxwell

Before I established my morning routine, I was a mess and found myself just floating throughout the day, not really achieving anything.

I am morning person (like wake up at 5am morning person), but I understand not everybody is like that.

These 10 things to do in the morning will help you structure your day, even when you don’t wake up at 5am.

My mornings can get a little hectic with my 2-year-old running around, which is even more reason why I need a plan.

When my mornings are hectic, usually the rest of the day goes that way too.

Not everyone’s morning routine will be the same, however there are some things you can do to make sure your day is a success.

1. Leave your phone alone

 For many of us, looking at your phone first thing in the morning is like breathing.

However, if you want to have a productive morning (and day) you should refrain from checking your phone first thing.

Whether you check Instagram, Facebook, your emails or texts, chances are you’ll see something to evokes the wrong type of emotion.

Not to mention a complete waste of time. Instead of checking your phone, stretch for 5 mins and recite some positive affirmations.

You should always make sure your mornings are filled with calm and stillness.

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2. Don’t hit the snooze button

It can be so hard to resist getting that extra ten minutes of sleep after your alarm goes off, but those minutes aren’t worth it.

In this time, you only experience a light, low-quality sleep, causing you to be even more tired the rest of the day.

It also means you have to rush to get ready, which adds stress and frustration, two things no one wants to experience first thing in the morning.

This sets your mood for the day, but it can easily be avoided by actually getting up as soon as your alarm goes off.

Getting up at the same time every day also gets your body on a schedule, making it easier to wake up in the morning.

3. Make your bed

You might not think making your bed every day is important, but you’ll be surprised.

Studies show that this is actually a common habit among the most successful people in the world.

And who doesn’t want to be successful?

Maybe this is because it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

It’s such a simple task, but it’s one thing you can check off your to-do list, meaning you’re already off to a great start for the day.

It then motivates you to complete more tasks.

It also gives your room a less messy feel, which can reduce stress and anxiety for a lot of people.

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4. Drink water

Many people don’t realize that our bodies get dehydrated while we sleep.

Getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night actually makes it worse.

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning rehydrates and refreshes your whole body.

It makes you feel more awake and ready to start your day.

This glass of water can also help with digestion throughout the day.

As a bonus, you can add lemon to remove toxins from your body.

It’s also a great source of vitamin C and helps support weight loss.

Win, win win!

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5. Meditate

Practicing mindfulness every morning helps keep you grounded and focused.

It allows you to train your mind so you can handle your emotions more efficiently without letting them get the best of you.

This training helps you react to obstacles throughout the day in a more positive and productive manner.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and even decreases blood pressure.

Some people who meditate regularly report getting sick less often and feeling less tired all the time.

It’s such a simple exercise with such great benefits.

This also gives you the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the peace and quiet before a hectic – and maybe loud –  day.

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6. Exercise

It takes a lot of motivation to be willing to work hard and sweat first thing in the morning, but it is worth it.

When you exercise, it releases endorphins, which help reduce pain and stress and increase your wellbeing.

Who doesn’t want more energy in the morning?

I like Yoga in the mornings because it allows you to practice mindfulness and exercise at the same time.

This doesn’t have to be an intense workout, start out with 10 short minutes every morning.

Take your dog for a walk so you can both get some exercise.

Pick whatever works best for you specifically. Just get moving!

7. Stay clean

While some people prefer taking a shower before bed, showering in the morning wakes you up and rejuvenates your skin because water is great for your skin.

Choose products that work well for your skin and hair specifically.

This extra care makes all the difference in how you look and feel.

Some people even do their best thinking in the shower, so that’s just an added bonus.

Plus, you’ll want to shower anyway if you exercise in the morning since you’ll most likely sweat.

8. Eat breakfast

A surprising number of people skip breakfast, but there’s a reason people call it “the most important meal of the day.”

Breakfast gives you the energy you need to get through the day and increases your brainpower.

It also boosts your metabolism and makes you less hungry throughout the day.

People who skip breakfast are often more overweight than those who eat breakfast regularly.

Some people like to eat a variety of different breakfast foods so they have something new every day and it doesn’t get boring.

9. Plan your day

Accomplishing your goals becomes much more likely if you set these goals at the start of the day.

It gives you a purpose and a mission for the day.

These should be very specific, but realistic goals.

You’ll only feel worse if you look at your list at the end of the day and realize you didn’t cross many items off your list.

It might also be helpful to start with more challenging tasks.

This sense of pride and accomplishment will carry you through your day and give you a more positive outlook.

10. Listen to upbeat music

Study after study shows that music has a big impact on our mood.

Listening to music that is fun and upbeat will put you in a great mood and maybe even get you moving.

It also increases your motivation and can give you a sense of empowerment.

It stimulates your mind and gets you excited for the day.

It might be helpful to make a morning playlist full of songs that put you in a great mood.

11. Journal

Make a nice cup of tea, sit down and get writing!

One of the best things you can do to improve your life is to keep a gratitude journal.

Many people choose to write as little as three things every day that they’re thankful for, and it makes all the difference.

This could include friends, family, surprises, or just small things that went right for you the day before.

Doing this reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and increases your joy.

You’ll start to look forward to what might happen during your day.

It’s important to practice gratitude so we never take the little things for granted.

You can even save time by doing this while eating breakfast and drinking your glass of water.

I use this journal and start the day by writing down all the things I’m grateful for aswell as all the things that’ll make this day great.

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12. Get the main task out the way

The best way to get sh*t done and feel accomplished throughout the day, is to get the major task out of the way.

Procrastination is a real thing and often we spend time doing little bits and not finishing anything.

If you start with the major task in the mornings, you’ll be able to well and truly mark it off of your to do list and look forward to the smaller (more fun tasks).

Having something major on your mind the whole day will decrease your motivation, not to mention feeling like there’s a huge weight on your shoulders.

Start with the ‘worst’ task first and feel a sense of relief for the rest of the day.

Creating the Perfect Morning Routine

“Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today.” — Doe Zantamata

Since developing a morning routine, I have been able to get so much more done.

Mornings are the most productive times to get sh*t done, trust me on this one.

Still, you should find what works for you.

What does your morning routine look like? What are the things you simply must do to have a productive day?

Comment below and share this post if you found it useful!

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