8 Steps to Change Your Mindset (& Live Your Best Life)

September 7th, 2023

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Change your mindset, change your life!

Sounds easier said than done, right?

Mindset is a funny old thing that has been put into action as soon as we are born.

We all want to be happy and have the things we want in life.

The ability to achieve these two things ultimately comes down to your mindset and nothing else.

It may seem corny to some, but we really do have the power to change our lives. And it all starts with changing your mindset.

Why change your mindset?

If you feel stuck in life or you feel like things just aren’t going your way, then performing a mindset shift could really change your life.

Here are some other signs that you mind need a mindset shift:

  1. You think of all the reasons you can’t do something
  2. You’re stuck in the past
  3. You give up trying after the first failure
  4. You don’t celebrate your wins
  5. You think you haven’t achieved anything
  6. You measure your success by the success of others
  7. You think of daily life as a “have to” rather than a “want to”
  8. You play the victim often

Whatever the reason, these aren’t good.

You’ve either been trained by other people (usually our parents) or had so many bad things happen to you, that you’ve trained yourself to have negative beliefs on a daily basis.

Changing your mindset to a more positive inspired outlook will not only change your life but the life of others too.

It would serve you to know that everything that has happened in your life (that you have control over), has happened because of the way you think.

change your mindset change your life

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How Can I Change My Mindset?

This is a process that unfortunately does not happen overnight.

Your mind is made up of default negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and this is developed over the course of your lifetime.

So changing your mindset may or may not be hard depending on the stage you’re at in life.

This is why you need to really study these techniques and repeat them over time to see the best results.

The good news is, you know that you want to change certain things in your life. Otherwise you would be here, reading this.

Making those changes is a whole different story.

Here are some key things you need  to do to change your mindset and live your best possible life..

These will help you develop new neural pathways that align with the things you want.

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1. Write down Limiting Beliefs

The first step in moving from that default setting of negative limiting thoughts, is to face them.

Start to write down all the thoughts you have to contribute to a limiting belief.

“I’m not good enough”

“I’ll never be able to do that”

“I’m scared to fail”

Whatever negative beliefs you have surrounding your life, you must come face to face with them to overcome them.

Once you face them, you’ll be able to understand where they came from and what steps you need to take to get around them.

Now that you’ve become aware of your limiting belief, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What things haven’t I been able to do in the past because of this limiting belief?
  • What things am I not able to do now because of this limiting belief?
  • What things in the future won’t I be able to do because of this limiting belief?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll sound realize that everything you do and think of from this point onwards needs to be conscious.

So, whenever you think “I’m not good enough”, redirect that thought to think “I am so capable of doing this” instead.

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2. Practice Gratitude

Instead of consuming your mind with all the things you don’t have, try to practice feeling grateful.

The best times to practice feeling grateful are in the mornings when you wake and just before you go to bed at night.

No matter your current situation, there is always something to be grateful for.

And if you start to think you have nothing to be grateful for, remember that the mere fact you’re able to read this post  is a reason to be grateful.

Be grateful for your computer, your phone, internet access.

Or you could be grateful to be healthy, to be able to see and hear.

Whatever it is, start to recite feelings of gratitude when you wake up and as you lay down to sleep.

The more you think thoughts of being grateful, the less you’ll think those of negativity.

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3. Do More of What you love

Start to fill your days with more of the things you love and appreciate.

We all have things we love to do, whether it be going for a hike, seeing a friend or cooking a new recipe.

Life is too short to do things you hate or feel obligated to do.

Why not live your dreams?

What’s the worse than can happen. Instead of thinking of all the reasons you can’t, think of the 1 reason you can!

Channel more of what you love into your daily life and you’re already winning!

Start small.

Challenge yourself to do something you love every week. Soon you’ll be able to do something you love every single day.

Say no!

Say no to the things that make you unhappy or uncomfortable! This includes going out with a negative or draining friend.

When someone asks you for something that you really don’t want to do, say no.

Have the freedom to control what type of energy enters your life.

4. Self Care is Self Love

What does it take to really take care of yourself?

Self care is so much more than taking a relaxing bath, eating properly and getting your nails done.

You also need to consider your mind needs to be taken care of.

Ask yourself this question:

Do you love yourself?

Loving yourself internally is just as important of your physical well being.

Try to go easy on yourself and look after your mental well being. Be kind to yourself.

Make a list of all the things you’ve done right in your life, no matter how great or small.

Why not put positive affirmations in each room of the house. That way every time you walk past it, you’ll be forced to think something positive.

After a while, you’ll start to believe it’s true.

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5. Try Something New

change your mindset

Life can get boring and tedious.

When that happens, sometimes we start to resent the things we do every day.

If you want to change your mindset, you should always try something new.

Switch your days up by trying out a new hobby. Or maybe try taking a different route to work.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your situation is, you can always try out something new.

It’ll bring freshness into your life and keep things interesting. That will encourage you to think more positively about your life.

Make a mental note of all the things that inspire you and start to incorporate more of that into you life…starting now!

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6. Start your day off right!

Having the right morning mindset is important because how you start your morning will often dictate how the rest of the day will go.

Change your mindset by starting the day with an amazing morning routine.

This will include:

  • Feelings of gratitude
  • Listening to your favourite podcast/music
  • Reciting positive affirmations
  • Planning the day ahead
  • Focusing on the great things that will happen today

Here’s my go to morning routine, that has literally changed my life.

This morning routine will set your day up for success and allow you to keep the momentum going for the entire day!

I swear by a good morning routine and think you should make it part of your day too!

Check out the 12 Things I do Every Morning that changed my life.

7. Focus on what you can change

change your mindset

Naturally in life there are things we can change and things we simply cannot.

Focusing on the things you CAN change in your life, will free up your mind to concentrate on positive steps to take.

Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world is important, now more than ever.

However, watching or reading the news to feel sorry for people or listen to horrible stories of people dying is not the best idea.

Especially if you are a sensitive person.

Stay away from the news!

It will make you depressed, that is almost a guarantee.

Instagram and Facebook are also culprits of negativity and judgement. For every inspirational post, there are 3 more that leave you feeling negative and down in the dumps.

Instead of checking your feed every chance you get, check them once each day and maybe at the end of the day.

This is so your mornings aren’t filled with influence from the news or social media.

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8. Look for Positivity in Others

Life is all about giving.

Not only does giving make others feel special and wanted, but it can also entirely change your mindset. Even it’s only for a small period.

Giving to others can give us a huge sense of contribution.

What you think is small, to others could be a grand gesture.

The thing is you’re never going to know until you try. It could be as simple as sending a simple “thank you” to someone you care about.

Or clearing out your closet and donating to charity.

Give someone a smile when they look down.

Trust me on this one, it will make you feel great and that is a feeling you won’t want to get rid of.

change your mindset

Do this to change your mindset for good..

Changing your mindset is a process.

It takes practice and focus, but it totally possible.

Treat the above steps as habits and practice them daily if you really want to see a change.

A good timeline for this is 30 days.

Challenge yourself to think and recite 3 positive things about yourself every morning, or do one thing related to self care every day.

Remember life won’t always be kind to us, there will be things that come up that may make us feel like crap.

What happens after that is your choice!

Now is the time to rewrite the script in your head and focus on positive life changes.

Good luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!

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